About Eos

In 1990, engineering students selected Eos, Greek goddess of the dawn, as the name for the college’s distributed computing environment. Eos was originally built with technologies developed in the Athena Project at MIT and Project Andrew at Carnegie Mellon University. Formerly an engineering-only system, Eos was expanded to the rest of campus during the mid-90s in a project called Unity.

Today, all members of the NC State community receive an account on a fully merged Eos/Unity realm, but the services originally provided by Eos are a small portion of the computing services available to the students, faculty and staff of today. In part because of its great success, it’s time for the website portion of Eos to decamp.

ITECS has a lot of big ideas about how to improve its support of IT in the College of Engineering. Our first is to give the students, faculty and staff of the college a single web address to get help with all their computing needs. And so, the information you have found on Eos is gradually moving to our new site: https://www.itecs.ncsu.edu