Eos Web Resources are Moving


Sorry, but if you are seeing this page it means you bookmarked a resource that is being moved. We are migrating the web resources under the eos.ncsu.edu domain to a different storage location. The Locker Portal is no longer available to make changes, but lockers will remain intact until AFS is discontinued at the end of the fall 2022 semester.

If you have a specific question or concern about the migration, please contact the Engineering Information Technology Service Desk.

The College of Engineering computing environment is named for Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn, a proper noun, not an acronym. Eos was originally built with technologies developed in the Athena Project at MIT and Project Andrew at Carnegie Mellon University. Engineering students in the Computers and Technology Theme (CATT) dorm chose the name believing that Eos signified a new dawn for computing at NC State. The first Eos lab opened in Leazar Hall in 1990.

Engineering Information Technology Service Desk