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Getting a Web Site

Important note, January 2017. ITECS is re-architecting the college's file and web infrastructure for greater flexibility. The information at this site will be changing to introduce those changes to users as they become available.

ITECS provides hosting services for the web sites of College of Engineering faculty, staff and students. While we host these sites free of charge, they must reside under one of our hosted domains (also known as virtual hosts, or vhosts).

Consult for other ways to get a website at NC State.

Who can request a Web site?

Only full-time engineering staff and faculty can own web lockers, but they must submit their requests through their department webmaster or administrator.

Engineering faculty, staff and students can also get web space in personal lockers, which they can request without going through a webmaster.

You will be notified by email once the web space is set up. At that point, you should be able to manage quota, access, and other attributes through the Locker Portal.

Websites for courses: Create your course websites in Wolfware and other Learning Management Systems.

Websites for engineering student organizations: Use CollegiateLink, NCSU Orgsync, Google sites,, or a combination of these. Registration at is required to be an official NCSU student organization.

Web Paths and Short URLs

On the locker-request form, the webmaster provides a name for your web locker, an AFS volume that appears as a directory or folder in the file system. This locker name becomes part of the site URL, so it is important to choose this name carefully.

The web address, or URL, is constructed from the name of the locker and the vhost it is under, e.g., In most cases, the locker (site) name is mounted directly under the vhost to give it a short URL, e.g., However, the webmaster might choose to mount the site under another directory, e.g,

Only one address per site is supported. The file system is case sensitive and not hospitable to spaces and some special characters. For example, and are two different addresses. ITECS recommends lowercase file names and URLs with no spaces. Underscores can also be a problem since links are generally underlined on web pages, and an underscore in a file name could be read as a space. We recommend separating words in your urls with a hyphen (-).


The locker is in the AFS file system. The first part of the path, /afs/eos/engrwww/sites/, is the same for all college and department web sites, except for those delivered from Personal lockers.Web site lockers are accessed by their owners, editors and readers via the path:



Examples of paths and URLs:

  • Department, Administration, and Research Web Sites

Path to locker:


Web Permissions

The webmaster who requests the locker for you will need the Unity IDs of any other people (students, faculty or staff) who need permission to work on files in the locker. However, once the web locker is set up, the owner of the space can use a web tool to update and change access to the locker without going through the webmaster.


This web tool overlays fs and pts commands, so you do not have to go through the command line. Protection (pts) groups are created and placed on the access control list (ACL) of your locker. People who have access to the locker must be a member of one of the pts groups.  Each group has a defined membership that users are added to or removed from. A typical web-locker access control list (ACL) looks like:

/afs/eos/engrwww/sites/engr/research/ % fs la
Access list for . is
Normal rights:
engr-research-www:wwwread rl
engr-research-www:wwwedit rlidwk
engr-research-www rlidwk
engr-www rl
itecs-admin:lockeraudit rl
engr:www-servers rlidwk
itecs-admin:webadmins rl
system:administrators rlidwka
jsstren rlidwk

In engineering web lockers, only the owner is listed by UnityID on the ACL (must be faculty or staff). All others with access reside in pts groups. vhosts and sites are organized the same way. For example, in the locker above at /afs/eos/engrwww/sites/engr/research/:

  • Owner: jsstren is the faculty/staff owner with write (rlidwk) access. The owner can request quota and add/remove people to/from any of the following groups through the LOCKER PORTAL.
  • Admin Group: engr-research-www is the administrators group with write (rlidwk) access. Administrators can request quota and add/remove people to/from any of the following groups through the LOCKER PORTAL.
  • Edit Group: engr-research-www:wwwedit is the editors group with write access (rlidwk).
  • Read Group: engr-research-www:wwwread is a rarely used, read-only group of people with read-look (rl) permission to use/copy files from the site, such as templates, images, etc.

All lockers are set up with these same groups. No "a" rights (rlidwka) are granted or needed with this configuration. The other pts groups listed are for system administrators and access to the site by web servers. For questions not answered here, please contact and work through ITECS.

We also host web sites for:

individuals (engineering students, faculty and staff)

.org domains

More about your web site

Web locker volumes are limited to 2GB, but additional volumes can be added.

PHP is enabled in all web lockers, and MySQL databases can be requested.

Things You Should Know Before You Build

Need more help?

You can also build a web site in your Unity account.

See where file and web lockers (PDF) live in Eos and Unity file space. explains other ways to get a website at NC State.


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