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Getting a .org Domain

Important note, January 2017. ITECS is re-architecting the college's web infrastructure for greater flexibility. The information at this site will be changing to introduce those changes to users as they become available.

ITECS provides web services free of charge to support its hosted domains, or "vhosts." The college is limited by its funding and mission to the administration of .edu domains only, granted by EDUCAUSE, although some limited .org hosting is offered. No .com or .net domains can be hosted.

Requirements for hosting a .org

The hosting of .org sites for non-profit purposes is supported by the College of Engineering on a case-by-case basis. The sites are usually for academic conferences, journals, consortia and special projects that are managed by an NCSU engineering department or faculty member, with some benefit accruing to the college from the affiliation. Most often, these sites are inter-institutional in their mission, support or membership. ITECS will host .org sites that meet the following criteria:

  • Have sponsorship by a primary department or unit in the College of Engineering.
  • Have no commercial intent, advertisement or transaction at the site. Sites that wish to collect membership, subscription, or registration fees online need to choose a commercial service for these business transactions and link offsite.
  • Use the same supported tools, configuration and technologies that ITECS provides to all of its hosted web sites.
  • Pay the costs of domain registration and any third-party technologies and services that the site requires beyond what ITECS provides free of charge.
  • Provide a statement on the web site that the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University is hosting the site. Suggested text:

This site is hosted by the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University (Hosting contact:

Procedure for hosting a .org domain

  1. Have your department or college webmaster contact the college web coordinator in ITECS ( to create a vhost for your .org domain and a web locker to house the content. ITECS systems will need to determine which web server will be hosting the domain and then provide its IP address to Comtech, which registers it in their DNS servers.
  2. Fill out the online Domain Name Request Approval Form. To the question, "Who will be maintaining the Web server for this new domain?" enter "ITECS." When your request is approved, you will be sent the DNS information you need to register the new domain name with the Internet, see instructions for Obtaining an Internet Domain Name Outside of the NCSU.EDU Domain.
  3. Register the .org domain name with an Internet registration service (e.g., or and pay the required fee. Forward the registration acknowledgment you receive to support @ After a few days, the new domain name will appear on the Internet root servers and added to the NCSU DNS servers. A confirmation message will be sent to you to let you know that the new domain is in place.
  4. ITECS will install the domain with the WordPress content-management system. No file system access is granted. All access and site development must be done in WordPress.

Important note: The web address for your org. domain will be, even if you did not specifically register it with www. is a redirect to, where the actual content is hosted.

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