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We provide 59 applications to our engineering students via our Eos Computing Labs and Virtual Computing Lab.

For a complete list of applications that run on a Linux machine and directions on how to run them, enter the add command after logging in to the machine.

Application Software Win Mac Lin VCL Win 64 Lin 64 License Held By
Totals53 Windows10 Mac16 Linux31 VCL29 Windows 6416 Linux 64 
Adobe Acrobat XI ProfessionalWindowsMacENGR
Anaconda2 2.4.1Windows 64Linux 64ENGR
ANSYS 16.1VCLWindows 64Linux 64ENGR
ANSYS 18.2WindowsLinuxVCLWindows 64Linux 64ENGR
ArcGIS Desktop 10WindowsVCLNCSU
Arena 14.7WindowsVCLISE
AspenOne v8.2 - VCL onlyWindowsVCLENGR
AutoCAD 2016WindowsMacWindows 64NCSU
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015WindowsVCLWindows 64NCSU
Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Advisor 2014WindowsNCSU
CES Edupack 2018Windows 64NCSU
COMSOL Multiphysics 5.1 - VCL Only With RestrictionsWindowsVCLWindows 64ENGR
Creo 3.0WindowsWindows 64ENGR
Eclipse 4.4.2WindowsLinuxVCLWindows 64ENGR
FileZillaWindowsMacLinuxVCLLinux 64ENGR
Fortran - NAG Fortran Compiler 6.1WindowsLinuxVCLLinux 64ENGR
GMS 7.1WindowsCCEE
IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.6.1WindowsLinuxVCLWindows 64Linux 64ENGR
Java Development Kit 7 (1.7)WindowsLinuxVCLWindows 64NCSU
jGRASP 2.0.1_06LinuxVCLLinux 64ENGR
JMP Pro 12WindowsMacVCLWindows 64NCSU
LabVIEW 2014 sp1WindowsMacWindows 64ENGR
LibreOffice 64ENGR
LINGO Industrial 13.0WindowsISE
Maple 2015WindowsMacLinuxVCLLinux 64NCSU
Mathcad Prime 3.0WindowsVCLWindows 64ENGR
Mathematica 10WindowsMacLinuxVCLWindows 64Linux 64NCSU
MathType 6.9WindowsMacNCSU
MATLAB 8.5 (R2015a)WindowsMacLinuxVCLWindows 64Linux 64NCSU
Microsoft Access 2013WindowsVCLENGR
Microsoft Excel 2013WindowsENGR
Microsoft Office 2013 ProfessionalWindowsENGR
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013WindowsENGR
Microsoft Project Professional 2013WindowsWindows 64ENGR
Microsoft Visio Professional 2013WindowsWindows 64ENGR
Microsoft Word 2013WindowsENGR
Microstation V8iWindowsENGR
Origin 2017WindowsVCLWindows 64NCSU
PuTTY 0.66WindowsENGR
Python 2.7.3WindowsVCLENGR
Python 3.4.3WindowsENGR
R 3.2.1WindowsLinuxVCLWindows 64Linux 64ENGR
Riverbed Modeler 18.5.1WindowsLinuxVCLWindows 64Linux 64ENGR
RS Logix 500 v 8.1WindowsVCLISE
SAP2000 v17.3.0 - student education versionWindowsCCEE
SAP2000 v19.0.0 Student DemoWindowsWindows 64CCEE
SAS 9.4WindowsVCLWindows 64NCSU
Simio 7.124WindowsISE
SlickEdit 2014 (v19.0.1)WindowsLinuxVCLWindows 64Linux 64ENGR
Solidworks Education Edition 2017-2018WindowsWindows 64ENGR
Solidworks Education Edition 2018-2019WindowsWindows 64ENGR
SplintLinuxVCLLinux 64ENGR
SPSS 22WindowsWindows 64NCSU
Tecplot 360 EX 2017 R2WindowsMacLinuxVCLWindows 64Linux 64ENGR
TK Solver 4.0WindowsENGR
Winedt 7.1 - VCL onlyWindowsVCLWindows 64ENGR
WinSCP 5.7.4WindowsENGR
X-Win32 2014WindowsENGR

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