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Running Software from Eos Labs

From a Windows Machine

  1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard and start typing the name of the program you are looking for.
  2. Click the application tile when it appears.

From a Linux Machine

We have specific instructions for adding each of the following applications:

  • ANSYS 16.1
    add ansys
    launcher161 & (for Mechanical APDL Product Launcher)


    runwb2 & (for ANSYS Workbench)


    cfx5 & (for CFX)

    ANSYS 15.0 is still available as:

    add ansys150
    launcher150 &

  • Eclipse 4.4.2
    If you are sitting in front of a lab machine:
    Go to Applications
    Click Programming
    Click DTS Eclipse

    Eclipse Helios version 3.6.1 is still available.
    Go to Applications
    Click Programming
    Click Eclipse
  • Fortran - NAG Fortran Compiler 6.1
    add nagf95
    nagfor input_file

    Version 5.3.1 is still available as:
    add nagf95_531
    nagfor input_file

    Version 5.3 is still available as:
    add nagf95_53
    nagfor input_file

    Version 5.2 is still available as:
    add nagf95_52
    nagfor input_file
  • IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.6.1
    add ilog
    cplex &

    cplex 12.5 is still available as:

    add ilog125
    cplex &
  • Java Development Kit 7 (1.7)
    Java Development Kit 1.7.0_25 is available as:
    add jdk
    cd /ncsu/jdk/bin

    The Netbeans IDE will automatically be in your path when you add the locker.

    Version 1.7.0_21 is still available as:
    add jdk7u21

    Version 1.6.0_31 is still available as:
    add jdk6u31
  • jGRASP 2.0.1_06
    add jdk
    add jgrasp
    jgrasp &

  • LibreOffice
    LibreOffice is available on RHEL 6 workstations in the Eos labs. Launch GNOME-->Applications-->Office-->Libre Office
  • Maple 2015
    add maple
    xmaple &

    Maple 16 is still available as:

    add maple160
    xmaple &

  • Mathematica 10
    add mathematica
    mathematica &

    Mathematica 8 is still available as:

    add mathm80
    mathematica &
  • Python 2.7.3
    There are three "Software Collections" installed on the Eos Linux lab machines running Realm Linux 6. The collections have also been installed on the 24x7 VCL Linux lab machines and the cluster of machines at the hostname

    The software collections installed are: devtoolset-2, python27, and python33.

    devtoolset-2 contains a newer gcc compiler (4.8.1), a newer Eclipse IDE (4.3.0), and a newer binutils (2.23) among other small developer improvements that are too numerous to list here.

    python27 contains the python version 2.7 language.

    python33 contains the python version 3.3 language.

    As an example, to use devtoolset-2 and python27 with bash, the following command could be run in a terminal:

    scl enable devtoolset-2 python27 bash

    See the man page for scl for more information about how software collections work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • SlickEdit 2014 (v19.0.1)
    add slickedit
    vs &

    Slickedit 2013 is still available as:
    add slickedit2013

    Slickedit 2012 is still available as:
    add slickedit2012
  • Splint
    add splint
  • Tecplot 360 EX 2017 R2
    add tecplot
    tec360 &

    Tecplot 360 2014 is still available as:

    add tecplot3602014
    tec360 &

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