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ArcGIS Desktop 10

Vendor: Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)


ArcGIS Desktop is a collection of software products that runs on standard desktop computers. It is used to create, import, edit, query, map, analyze, and publish geographic information. There are four products in the ArcGIS Desktop collection; each adds a higher level of functionality.

  • ArcReader is a free viewer for maps authored using the other ArcGIS Desktop products. It can view and print all maps and data types. It also has some simple tools to explore and query maps.
  • ArcView provides extensive mapping, data use, and analysis along with simple editing and geoprocessing capabilities.
  • ArcEditor includes advanced editing for shapefiles and geodatabases in addition to the full functionality of ArcView.
  • ArcInfo is the full function, flagship GIS desktop. It extends the functionality of both ArcView and ArcEditor with advanced geoprocessing. It also includes the legacy applications for ArcInfo Workstation.

How to run this software on VCL

License is held by NCSU

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Restriction Notes

Who can use: NCSU Faculty, Staff; Students

Where can it be used: University Machines, Home Use

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