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Arena 14.7

Vendor: Rockwell Automation, Inc.


The Arena graphics simulation system models virtually any simple or complex process, including discrete, semi-continuous, batch, and high speed / high volume processing lines. It also generates very detailed output statistics, enables user-defined expressions, and features direct read/write interface to external data files. Template development tools enable users to create reusable, industry specific modeling tools for their unique applications. Access to the low level SIMAN flowchart modules enables the most complex processes to be modeled and executing external programs within the model logic.

Features include the following:

  • Easy-to-use, Visio compatible, flowcharting environment that combines the power and speed of graphical programming with modeling and simulation for business process improvement
  • Model tanks of liquids and/or bulk materials with level sensors, plus all of the piping and valves required to fill, empty, and transfer their contents
  • Model high speed / high volume packaging and lines in food, pharmaceutical, beverage, and consumer products industries, including all sensors, machine interactions, and controller logic
  • Copy and paste model logic within a model and between models
  • Submodels (a model within a model) with roll up statistics for modeling hierarchical systems
  • Convenient spreadsheet interface for defining model input parameters such as process variables, costs, and resource schedules
  • Comprehensive debugging tools that include an interactive command window, a module trace window, and the ability to step through the model logic
  • Arena Visual Designer creates stunning, in process 3D animations and live data dashboards for compelling presentations and visualizing key performance metrics

How to run this software on VCL

  • Instructions for Windows
    Available only for the College of Engineering

    Go to and reserve the Arena 14.7 image.

License is held by ISE

Restriction Notes

Who can use: College of Engineering Faculty and Students

Where it can be used: University Machines

How it can be used: Engineering faculty and students are permitted to use Arena for both coursework and academic research. Commercial use is prohibited.

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