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Creo 3.0

Vendor: PTC - Parametric Technology Corporation


PTC Creo is a scalable, interoperable suite of product design software that delivers fast time to value. It helps teams create, analyze, view and leverage product designs downstream utilizing 2D CAD, 3D CAD, parametric & direct modeling.

PTC Creo Parametric is a scalable, interoperable parametric solution for maximizing innovation,

improving quality in 3D product design, and delivering faster time to value. The software helps you quickly deliver the most accurate digital models with the highest quality. In addition, high-fidelity digital models have full associativity so that product changes made anywhere can update deliverables everywhere.

With new features of Creo Parametric, you can:

  • Quickly and easily create 3D models of any part or assembly.
  • Create manufacturing drawings automatically with complete confidence that they will always reflect your current design.
  • Combine the power of parametric modeling with the flexibility of direct modeling.
  • Improve design aesthetics with comprehensive surfacing capabilities.

Note: NCSU students are eligible for the free Creo Student Edition. Visit the Free Creo Student Edition page for information about the included software and how to register. (NCSU login required to view the page)


Online under Help. Additional materials for this application are also available at Use your NCSU Unity ID to log in.

License is held by ENGR

Restriction Notes

Who can use: College of Engineering Faculty and Students

Where it can be used: University Machines

How it can be used: Engineering faculty and students are permitted to use Creo for both coursework and degree-related research. Research must be funded through general funds; grant-funded research is prohibited.

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