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X-Win32 2014

Vendor: StarNet Communications


X-Win32 is StarNet's X terminal application for Windows desktop platforms. X-Win32 serves LAN-based users with XDMCP, REXEC and SSH connections. X-Win32 allows Windows users to connect to campus remote-access servers and display full windowed Linux applications back to their Windows machines. The applications are running remotely, but you interact with them on your Windows desktop just like you were sitting in front of a Linux workstation in an Eos computer lab.

Features of X-Win32 2014 include the following:

- X-Win32 comes with an integrated SSH that encrypts all data between the client and the server.

- The hardware acceleration on the local PC and the implementation of 65 OpenGL extensions allow X-Win32 to offer the fastest OpenGL support in the industry.

- X-Win32 is the only PC X Server that offers integrated copying of both text and graphics from X applications into Windows.

- With X-Win32, you can open remote Linux desktops from several different hosts at the same time.

Two downloads are necessary: W-Win32 and PuTTY. You need to download and install PuTTY for SSH-encrypted access to Eos remote-access servers before you can use X-Win32.

License is held by ENGR

Restriction Notes

Who can use: Faculty, Staff, and Students

Where it can be used: University Machines and Home Use

How it can be used: Students may use X-Win32 for both coursework and academic research. Faculty may use X-Win32 for teaching and academic research. Staff may use as necessary for their respective support roles.

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